Dear Everleigh,

Yesterday I felt you kick me. I had been feeling little bubbles and things that I wasn’t too sure about but, this…I’ve never felt anything like this. And today you’ve been doing it all day long. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world…just knowing that you’re in there all the time and you’re real. I’ve been enjoying my day with you and just trying to savor these moments, so I’ll remember them forever. Even as I’m writing this, and feeling squirming around, I wish I could see my own expression each time.

I just keep imagining these little feet dancing around inside my belly.

Your dad is so jealous that he can’t feel them yet, and although I can’t wait for him to join in on the fun, I’m savoring this time that belongs to just the two of is.

Love, Mom


About jaymeepatterson

I started life with the belief that, in today's times, a woman must have a big-time career, be completely independent, and, essentially, be the sum of "I am woman, hear me roar." As I grew up the common dream of "prince charming" started worming its way into my brain. One day, in college, while I was planning the next move on my road toward a nursing career I realized something odd. I was in love. Soon after I was engaged and then married. Shortly into my marriage I realized two things. 1. I was not happy with what I was working toward. 2. Why can't the idea of an independent, chic, housewife exist? So, I created it! Well, maybe not, but I did start living it. As I was living this dream life a genius thought came to mind. Why not share this idea with the public? Share this notion of a chic woman who runs her home...from home! So here it is. Enjoy, ladies!
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