Week 21: Pregnancy

Is this a picture taken in my bathroom mirror with my cell phone you may ask? Why yes, yes it is! And am I in my pajamas you may be wondering? Bingo! Guessed again! Not only have I been feeling like dog this week, but I woke up at 6 am this morning to go to half price day of a consignment sale, came home, took a shower, and immediately started working. Blah.

What’s going on with Everleigh?  Everleigh is the length of a carrot this week. She’s almost a lb and almost a whole foot long! Woah! I can definitely feel her,too. She kick so hard it makes me have to pee sometimes. Just a little extra tidbit of awesomeness…the kid has eyebrows! EYEBROWS!

How am I doing? Eeek! This has been the weirdest, longest, grossest, most exhausting week out there, people! I don’t know what happened to me, but I’ve been doing osme temporary work on the computer for the past few day (from bed), had been wearing the same pair of yoga pants for 3 days striaight (they’re currently in the washing machine), and haven’t put on a lick of makeup since i can remember. Can we say ew? I’m looking forward to starting next week VERY differently. Maybe with a shower and some mascara?

How’s my appetite? Meh…Sweet stuff has been my friend, but anything else? Not a big fan. My tummy feels too full these days.

What happened this week? I think I already covered this. lol

Randomness of the week:

  • work
  • blah
  • I officially at a whole package of Oreos
  • My whole body is constantly in PAIN
  • I don’t wanna know how much I’ve gained…

About jaymeepatterson

I started life with the belief that, in today's times, a woman must have a big-time career, be completely independent, and, essentially, be the sum of "I am woman, hear me roar." As I grew up the common dream of "prince charming" started worming its way into my brain. One day, in college, while I was planning the next move on my road toward a nursing career I realized something odd. I was in love. Soon after I was engaged and then married. Shortly into my marriage I realized two things. 1. I was not happy with what I was working toward. 2. Why can't the idea of an independent, chic, housewife exist? So, I created it! Well, maybe not, but I did start living it. As I was living this dream life a genius thought came to mind. Why not share this idea with the public? Share this notion of a chic woman who runs her home...from home! So here it is. Enjoy, ladies!
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