Week 27: Pregnancy

Week 27!!! According to some books I am now in the 3rd trimester! Two down, one to go!

What’s going on with Everleigh?  This week Ev is the size of a head of cauliflower! At my last ultrasound she weighed in at 2 lbs 9 oz. That seems like so much to me! Her brain is growing and becoming more active and if she were, God forbid, she were to be born now her lungs would be able to function with medical help.

How am I doing? Meh. I’ve been sort of feeling off lately. I don’t know what it is. I’m ready to get the room fully done and all Everleigh’s things put away and just relax the remainder of my pregnancy. I am now going to doctor’s appointments every two weeks. I have one last appointment at my high risk OB at 34 weeks. It will be the last one because they know that everything is okay with her. I also have an appointment next week with the urologist to take the pictures of her kidneys to. They’re supposed to tell me the plan for after she is born.

How’s my appetite? I haven’t been all that hungry. I crave the occasional sweet thing and eat normal.

What happened this week? We’ve started organizing and decorating Ev’s nook and I had two more doctor’s appointments.

Randomness of the week:

  • Sleepy
  • Nursery 😀
  • Hospital Tour
  • a little over 3 months left??
  • Not weighing myself anymore.

About jaymeepatterson

I started life with the belief that, in today's times, a woman must have a big-time career, be completely independent, and, essentially, be the sum of "I am woman, hear me roar." As I grew up the common dream of "prince charming" started worming its way into my brain. One day, in college, while I was planning the next move on my road toward a nursing career I realized something odd. I was in love. Soon after I was engaged and then married. Shortly into my marriage I realized two things. 1. I was not happy with what I was working toward. 2. Why can't the idea of an independent, chic, housewife exist? So, I created it! Well, maybe not, but I did start living it. As I was living this dream life a genius thought came to mind. Why not share this idea with the public? Share this notion of a chic woman who runs her home...from home! So here it is. Enjoy, ladies!
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