How I Replaced My Medicine Cabinet With Essential Oils

***Disclaimer: I am not paid to write reviews. I do not only support one single essential oils company. I purchase my oils based on reviews, quality, and price.*** oilspost1

One of the many things I wanted to change about our lifestyle was what we were taking to feel better. The side effects of most medications didn’t seem worth taking them, unless absolutely necessary, so I wanted to find something natural that would work just as well.

A couple of years ago I had taken a class with Doterra oils, but I was very confused by that little metal hand sensor they hook up to a computer to tell you what’s wrong with you. It reminded me too much of Scientology so I was a little turned off. I started looking into them more and realized that they really were beneficial and proven to help with many common ailments. I decided to push aside the weird hand thingy and try a couple. The first two oils I got were Doterra’s Zendocrine and Thyme:


I personally use this oil in homemade face wash and feminine wash.


Thyme oil has been really helpful for when I cut myself shaving, If I have a stomach ache, or to make an oil blend for winter coughs.

So I stuck with these two for while They covered a lot of what we needed,but didn’t replace my whole medicine cabinet. I continued to do research on different companies. I wanted to purchase a kit with multiple oils and get a diffuser. After a lot of research,I went with the Young Living Everyday Oils kit. It came with 10 oils, a diffuser and a bunch of samples for a great price. I thought that even if the oils didn’t work as well as Doterra, it would be worth it for the diffuser. Those things are expensive!

I signed up as a distributer when I got the kit just so that I could take advantage of the future discounts if I wanted to. There is no obligation to sell anything. So the Everyday Oils Kit came with Lavender, Frankincense, Peace & Calming, Thieves, Lemon, Valor, Purification, PanAway, Peppermint, and Stress Relief. It also came with a diffuser, a bunch of sample of the oils, some business tools, and 2 samples of the NingXia Red energy tea. It was a really great deal!


The diffuser is standard,but looks great! It reminds me of a rose because the top is decorated like petals. It has a line to fill the water up to, add some oils, and push the on button. That’s it. When there is no more water it will automatically shut off.


These have been my most used oils so far with the sickies going around. They have really helped us through colds, coughs and runny noses. I also use the lavender with coconut oil as lotion for Ev and put a few drops in her bath. It really helps her sleep. One evening I was having an anxiety attack (common for me) and the Lavender was my life saver!


So far my Lemon oil has mostly been used for cleaning and freshening the air, but it is good for so much more!


PanAway is seriously just like muscle rub. Great for after a workout or just to relieve the everyday aches and pains of growing older haha.


This was one of the bonus oils in my kit and came with a ball roller. I use it as a perfume and it helps keep me calm during the day.


So far my oils have:

*Cleared up an ear infect for Everleigh.

*Helped Everleigh get a great night of sleep nearly every night.

*Healed diaper rashes when used with coconut oil.

*Helped us stop our cold symptoms faster.

*Brought down a fever for me.

*Helped us clean our home without any harsh chemicals.

*Cleared up countless headaches.

* Stopped a yeast infection without using any store bought drugs.

*Given our food and drinks flavor.

*Helped stomach problems.

*Reduced Nausea.

*Healed burns and rashes.

*Helped anxiety symptoms.

*Reduced stress.

*Reduced PMS and period cramps.

*Helped sore muscles and back problems.

*Freshened out home.

*Boosted our overall well-being.


You can see the many benefits that Essential oils have given, just in my little family. They can do so much more that what we have used them for. I encourage you to do your own research and discover how essential oils can change your life. They are fun, interesting and seriously helpful! They’re also saving us money in the long run, and that’s always a plus.

Here’s a chart that I found on Pinterest (click image for source) to help you see how essential oils can replace every item in your medicine cabinet:


Hopefully this has given enough information to get you interested in oils. If you are interested in purchasing oils from either Doterra or Young living you can contact me at My sister is a distributor for Doterra and I am signed up as a distributor under Young Living (I am not looking to sell anything, just help people). Or you can visit Doterra or Young Living and find your own distributor or sign up for the great benefits and discounts yourself!


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5 Responses to How I Replaced My Medicine Cabinet With Essential Oils

  1. Natalie Peck says:

    How much is the one you said you use on your face? I really want to try it. When you came to see us I couldn’t help but notice that your skin is seriously perfect!!


    • The one I am currently using is Zendocrine from Doterra. A 15ml bottle is $32.67. I have had mine for a while and am not even halfway through. If you’re looking for a better price I have also used Purification from Young Living which is $24.67 for a 15ml bottle. I made a cleanser using coconut oil, castile soap and 20 drops of oil. I’ve been using it for 6 months and still have a few more months worth. I only use a nickel size amount with a natural sponge. If you’re just getting the oil for face wash it will last a long time. Hope that helps 🙂


    • And thank you for the complement on my skin ❤ You're so sweet!


  2. Vanessa says:

    This is really helpful, I am interested in building up my oil collection. So far all I have is lavender and clary sage! Do you know what that is useful for other than apparently getting labour started…?


    • Thanks for reading Vanessa! Clary sage is actually on my list of oils to get! It is definitely good for starting labor and helping to easily deliver the placenta, but there is so much more you an do with it. Some uses I’ve found in my research are Hot flashes, seizures, Hormonal imbalance, Menstrual symptoms, Menopause symptoms, Autism, increase circulation, relieve stress, slow hair loss, insomnia and to raise estrogen and progesterone levels. It mostly has to do with the hormonal function of the body. I want to get it because I have terrible PMS symptoms. If you have any other questions about oils please let me know 🙂

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