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I started life with the belief that, in today's times, a woman must have a big-time career, be completely independent, and, essentially, be the sum of "I am woman, hear me roar." As I grew up the common dream of "prince charming" started worming its way into my brain. One day, in college, while I was planning the next move on my road toward a nursing career I realized something odd. I was in love. Soon after I was engaged and then married. Shortly into my marriage I realized two things. 1. I was not happy with what I was working toward. 2. Why can't the idea of an independent, chic, housewife exist? So, I created it! Well, maybe not, but I did start living it. As I was living this dream life a genius thought came to mind. Why not share this idea with the public? Share this notion of a chic woman who runs her home...from home! So here it is. Enjoy, ladies!

Weekly Instas

Evie playing in her and Daddy’s fort. My sister in law brought us dinner 😊 Me and my little ham! Sweater that I got on our buy, sell, trade page. New book! Bible time with my husband ❤️ Just a … Continue reading

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Praying Circles Around Your Children: Review

I read this book a few months ago and have been meaning to write up a review ever since. It was recommended to me by a friend and didn’t fail to amaze me. It was such a powerful message to … Continue reading

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{Yummy Tortellini Soup Recipe}

I came across this recipe on Point of Grace’s Facebook page. I love cream based soups (and anything with pasta) so I decided to give it a try. Here’s the original recipe: 3T olive oil 1 Clove garlic, minced 3 … Continue reading

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It is with heavy hearts we announce we are no longer expecting a child. Our little baby was lost to a miscarriage unknowingly at 8 weeks. Thank you for your care and support during this difficult time. Prayers are much … Continue reading

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10 Weeks With Baby #2

I’ve decided to start doing my bump updates on Sundays because that’s when I change over. Hope it’s not to confusing. How far along? 10 weeks How big is baby? The size of a date! Total weight gain/loss: 3 lbs … Continue reading

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9 Weeks With Baby #2

How far along? 9 weeks 3 days How big is baby? The size of a wild strawberry Total weight gain/loss: I’m so far I’ve gained about 2 lbs which is a lot less than last time. Maternity clothes? I actually … Continue reading

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Week 8 with baby #2

I am feeling a little bit better finally and getting a bit of a bump so I’m going to start my updates. I found this questionnaire on a forum I’m a part of so I’m going to use it this … Continue reading

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