If you’re new


I’m JAMIE. I’m a stay-at-home mom who loves to cook, read and write. I spend my time taking care of our little home, making healthy meals for my family and teaching our daughter the important stuff. I love The Lord and strive to live out His word.

I’m on a journey to live a more natural, healthy and wholesome life.

This is RYAN. He’s my husband. Hubby. Ry. Daddy.

He’s in the military and works on base during the week and sometimes on weekends. He enjoys making our daughter laugh, eating yummy food and playing video games. I love him more than words can say.

This is EVERLEIGH. Baby. Little Duck. Pooh Bear.

She loves apples, Veggie Tales and learning new words on the daily.

She was born “talking” and has proven to be special ever since.

We hit to jackpot with this one and can’t seem get enough of her.


I started this blog as a family scrapbook to one day look back on. It holds a little bit of everything from my favorite eats to my favorite outfits.



2 Responses to If you’re new

  1. Sallie C says:


    I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out here http://misinformedmother.com/2013/04/25/the-liebster-award/

    All the best,

    Sallie C


  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award at http://lipstickandlollypops.com/2013/04/30/liebster-award/ ‎. I enjoy reading your blog!


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